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  • 발마사지기

    SKU: 0001
    • 쉴새 없이 움직이는 발을 위한 힐링타임
    • 롤링 지압 마사지
    • 공기 압축 마사지
    • 탈부착 & 세척이 가능한 마사지 커버
    • 3가지 멀티기능 발마사지기

      • 공기압 + 롤링마사지 + 온열 마사지 기능이 복합적으로 작용.
      • 자칫 사용후 냄새가 날수 있는 발커버는 탈부착 할수 있어 위생적인 사용을 위한 세척이 가능.
      • 발볼의 넚이와 발등의 높이 또는 크기에 따라 차이가 있을수 있음
      • 양말 착용후 사용 추천.
      • 4세대 강력한 모터로 조용하게 작동하고, 마사지 치료사의 전문적인 케어를 느낄수 있음. 
    • Features


      • Rolling shiatsu massage for the soles of your feet
      • Air pressure massage for the toes, instep and heel
      • Heating
      • Inner fabric sleeves unzip for cleaning

      Puresync Shiatsu Foot Massager is one of the most high-tech options in the market. Once you slip your feet in, you can operate the massager via the large one-touch control panel that is big enough to be pressed using your foot. Choose between deep kneading or soothing natural heat to suit your needs. The machine also uses air pressure to apply gentle pressure to your feet, helping to relieve tension.

      You will truly feel pampered as the program emulates the techniques used by massage and reflexology therapist.

      Experience a salon-quality foot massage at home with Puresync Shiatsu Foot Massager. The rolling nodes begin to massage your soles and arches, while rhythmic air compression gently squeezes your feet for ultimate relaxation. What’s more, the foot massager uses gentle heat to warm up your muscles and help relieve tension.

      Many foot massagers focus solely on your feet, but the Puresync Shiatsu Foot Massager is designed to be used up to your ankles, too! This product's unique design lets you massage your feet with 360 degrees complete wrap around kneading, and rolling motions for a truly relaxing experience.

      The innovative molding technology similarly used by leading telco and computer company has been used in this product. The end result is a durable, light-weight and slick looking foot massager that will blend in with your existing home deco.

      Fourth Generation powerful motor is what makes this foot massager operate quietly and emulate the professional strength of a massager therapist. This advanced premium brass motor is the workhorse of this device, designed to delivery professional pampering massage experience for many years.

      Visit PURESYNC microsite for detailed information

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